Group Of Companies


We are now a group of three companies each with unique facilities.

Mecas Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Manufactures Precision Machined Parts Established 1987
Royal Tech (Pvt) Ltd Produces Sheet Metal and Machined Parts for Tractors Established 1982
Mecas Foundry Produces Grey Iron and SG Iron Castings Established 2000


Royal tech started functioning as a partnership firm in 1982. Variety of parts, higher standards of workmanship, punctuality in delivering of parts according to customer satisfaction have always been the vision.

Royal Tech is producing sheet metal parts by utilizing 5 ~ 250 ton capacity of Mechanical & Hydraulic Presses. Other facilities include Fabrication, Pre-Treatment & Powder Coating Paint, Dies and Fixture making shops.

Royal tech also manufactures Hydraulic components, Sub-Assemblies & Assemblies for Tractors, which require a higher grade of accuracy. Some of the precision parts undergo selective assembly to meet pressure test requirements.

All hydraulic components are checked on test rigs to ensure proper functioning. Typical components being produced are Pressure Valves, Hydraulic Lift Body ; Hydraulic Distribution Blocks Assy.

Royal Tech is a tier one OEM supplier in country.


Mecas Foundry was established in 2000 to supply good quality castings to Royaltech and Mecas Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. It is producing over 500 tons of casting for automotive and other customers every month.

Mecas Foundry is equipped with Chemical and Physical testing laboratories, which is essential to produce materials as per customer specifications.

Pattern making and core development for customer specific components is done in house by qualified and professional team.

Planning is being done to enhance its capacity and scope of work and in this regard fully automatic molding line has been installed to produce exceptional quality of SG IRON and GREY IRON parts for local and export customers.